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The Kennedys are vocalists/guitarists Pete and Maura
Kennedy. A husband-and-wife duo, they set out on the road
together in the early ‘90s as members of Nanci Griffith’s Blue
Moon Orchestra, and since striking out on their own, they
have traveled the U.S., Canada, and Europe for three decades
as a two-person band. Higher energy than a folk act, but not
as loud as a rock band, they mix passionate songwriting with
a flair for entertainment and a repertoire of classic songs.
Think of a song by Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers, or the
Beatles, and that smile on your face is the same smile you’ll
be wearing when The Kennedys hit the stage.

The Kennedys

Age: All ages

Event Category: Arts
Event Programs & Series: Montpelier Arts Center

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