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AM Sweatshop

Join us for this fun, effective cardio workout that combines several different workout methods including aerobics, bodyweight strength training, and...


Dine, Learn & Move: Healthy Blood Pressure Tips

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. Know your numbers! High blood pressure affects one in three Americans and...


Fit & Strong

Are you looking for a class to improve exercise frequency, increase strength, and help with goal setting to promote overall...


Fitness Palooza: Frenetic Fitness Fun Day

Join us for a day full of fun and fitness! Come out and enjoy multiple fitness clinics and activities facilitated...


Full Body Sculpt

Join us for an energetic fitness class that is designed to engage and strengthen every major muscle group. This workout...


Immersive Sound Meditation

Take a trip to a calming destination at the Publick Playhouse stage as it transforms into an underwater retreat. Heightened...


Lunchtime Lawn Concert: Tribe Band

Join Darnall’s Chance House Museum for our FREE Lunchtime Lawn Concerts. Bring a picnic lunch with a blanket or lawn...


Salsa Dancing

Ready to learn some new moves or dust off your dance skills? Join us for a Latin Dance workshop, led...


Senior Health and Fitness Day

Senior Health and Fitness Day is dedicated to promoting the well-being of older adults by encouraging them to engage in...

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