Event Information

Juneteenth 2024

Age: All ages

Event Programs & Series: Arts Juneteenth Watkins Regional Park

Watkins Regional Park



Come celebrate Juneteenth!

Join us at Watkins Regional Park for a day filled with creativity and inspiration. Explore a variety of artworks from talented local artists, ranging from paintings to jewelry, photographs, and everything in between. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art market while enjoying live music. Grab tasty food and treats, some beer and wine, while connecting with your community!

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just looking for a fun day out, this festival has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this exciting event!


More information on the 2024 activities coming soon. Potential and past activities include: 

History Experiences

  • Pop-up Museum featuring artifacts from Darnall’s Chance House Museum 
  • Photo Gallery: M-NCPPC Juneteenth Festivals through the years 
  • Juneteenth education booklet 

Art Activities

Create your own work of art with Arts on a Roll!  

  • Arts on a Roll is M-NCPPC’s mobile art service, offering unique theatre, dance, music, and visual arts workshops for the young and young-at-heart!
  • Spray Paint Graffiti Wall Group Murals with artists from Words Beats and Life! 

  • About the organization: We are unapologetic advocates for the transformative power of Hip-Hop culture in all its forms, empowering artists to relentlessly create and refine systems that demonstrate positive change through our individual and collective brilliance. We embrace the sacred nature of our work and our roles as keepers and innovators of our culture. 
  • Move and express yourself with dancers from Taratibu Youth Association! 

  • About the organization: Taratibu Youth Organization provides transformative experiences through performing arts for the youth of the African Diaspora, cultivating socially responsible change agents within the Pan-African community and beyond. 
  • Entertainment

    More information about the 2024 line up coming soon. 

    Artist Feature

    More information about the 2024 line up coming soon. Past features include:

    Arvid Lee

    Arvid Lee has over 15 years of experience using different techniques to design, create and sell stained glass panels for homes and businesses. He strives to create the unpredictable and intriguing in his work and loves to use strong lines and thought-provoking color combinations to achieve edgy and inspiring stained-glass pieces. Influenced by the world around him, stained glass is like life, always moving, with changing hues and color values throughout the day, from dawn to dusk.

    Participating Vendors

    More information about the 2024 vendors coming soon. Past vendors include: 

    Food Vendors

    • Jammin’ Flava // 240.360.9084 
    • Happy Hippo, LLC // @happyhipposhavedice // 301.304.6640 
    • MarCello’s Grill // 240.271.0541 
    • Helping Hands // Leah4nurses@gmail.com // 240.593.7755 
    • Smoken Lo BBQ // 240.393.6691 
    • Lattimore’s Funnel Cake // 301.775.7371 
    • RTA Culinary Service // Rtalves1212@gmail.com // 757.447.1233 
    • The Tender Rib // 301.509.2904 
    • Dogs on the Curb // 202.256.6889 
    • Kona Ice of Calvert Co. // 443.432.8699 
    • JFY Carnival Creations // @jfycarnivalcreations // 301.440.9588 

    Merchandise Vendors

    • Delkis Collections 
    • Authentic African Clothes/Screen Print 
    • Sweet Splendor Bath and Body 
    • Bath and Body Products 
    • Camella’s Kitchen 
    • Carribean Sauces 
    • Qualitees plus 
    • Dubo 
    • Tee Shirts 
    • Yortones Books 
    • Yoruba Sound Book for Children 
    • All Eyes on Me Eyewear 
    • Specialty Eyewear 
    • Bougie over Everything 
    • Calming Sense Bath and Body 
    • Bath and Body Products 
    • Karen’s Essentials 
    • Bath and Body Products

    Non-Profit Vendors

    • The League of Women Voters of Prince George’s County 
    • Prince George’s County Memorial Library System 
    • Prince George’s County Truth Branch of ASALH 
    • Young Women of Society. Inc. 

    Subject to change