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Artisan Shop Front Window Exhibit: Across

Age: All

Event Category: Exhibition
Event Programs & Series: Brentwood Arts Exchange

Brentwood Arts Exchange

(301) 277-2863 brentwoodarts@pgparks.com

January 22-March 9, 2024 

Opening Reception: January 27, 5-8 pm

Marie B. Gauthiez, Gretchen Mull, and Cora Olson

Brentwood Arts Exchange Artisan Shop is thrilled to announce its latest exhibition, Across. The exhibit showcased the work of three artists and art educators Marie B. Gauthiez, Gretchen Mull, and Cora Olson. The artists work out of LAC Studio, a community ceramic studio in Arlington, Virginia.

Collaborating in the studio has fostered a deeper connection among the three artists, leading to conversations on women’s roles in society and their distinct approaches to working with clay. Through their art, they explore various topics such as domesticity, object functionality, the body, identity, and the passage of time. The displayed works celebrate the experimentation and growth of the emerging artists, exploring how clay can help them push their ideas and concepts.

Gretchen Mull holds a BFA in Craft & Material Studies and a BFA in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a high school art teacher in Fairfax County and an entrepreneur. Cora Olson holds a BA in Education and Ceramics from the University of Mary Washington. She is an art teacher in Fairfax County, teaches ceramics at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Arlington, and is an entrepreneur. Marie B. Gauthiez is a multi-disciplinary artist, a current MFA candidate at American University in Studio Art and teaches art classes at the Washington Studio School in Washington, DC.