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“Singlefin: Yellow” tells the story of one surfboard’s life as it travels the globe shared by a group of friends. The board provides the means through which we explore new people, places, and things, meeting six diverse surfers and learning what inspires, motivates, and empowers them in surfing and in life. Using voice over narration by each individual, “Singlefin: Yellow” spotlights each surfer’s unique individual talents and varied interests beyond strictly their athletic ability in the water. This is a story about not only exotic travel and the adventure of riding waves, but also a reminder to all that happiness in life can be found in something as simple as sharing with your friends. Shot on location in California, Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, and Japan.

“Singlefin: Yellow”

Ticket Price: FREE

Event Programs & Series: Film Screenings: Surfing in January!

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