Rural Villages Study & Scenic Byway Corridor

The Rural Villages Study is available on-line. Contact Kim Finch for inquiries regarding historic and scenic roads at 301-952-3506.

Project Description

The purpose of the Rural Villages Study and the Croom and Aquasco Roads Scenic Byway Plan, formally known as the Prince George's County Star-Spangled Banner Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan is to preserve and enhance rural communities in southeastern Prince George’s County. The study identifies implementing partnerships, funding strategies, and regulatory changes necessary to meet policy goals developed through issue analysis and community involvement.
 Mount Calvert Landscape

Project Boundary

The existing Croom and Aquasco Roads Scenic Byway follows Croom Road (MD 382) from U.S. 301 south to Aquasco (MD 381) where it continues along MD 381 as a connector to Charles County. The byway also includes designated sidetracks or branches. These are currently Mount Calvert, Croom Airport, St Thomas Church, and Candy Hill Roads. However, the plan proposes to modify the route of the scenic byway and its sidetracks so that these routes more precisely track some of the historic events associated with the War of 1812.


See the route map (PDF) with the proposed changes.