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Black and white drawing of the inside of a clock


Dreamer’s House and Anomalies in Time: Photographs by Regina DeLuise and Jay Gould 

September 2-October 23, 2022

Public Reception: Saturday, September 17, 2022, 2-4 pm
Tintype Demo & Lecture: Saturday, October 15, 2022, 2-4 pm

Light and lens are at the heart of this exhibition. Two photographers working with large format, 8x10 cameras and processes that span the history of the medium. DeLuises’ exquisite photographs explore the passage of time, moments of stillness, and interior space. Meanwhile, Gould’s work embraces the historic collodion process to explore the paradoxes of time, memory, and illusion.

A yellow, blue, green, and purple abstract painting


Christina Haslinger

September 1-October 30, 2022

Public Reception: Saturday, Oct 1,  2022, 2-4 pm

Inspired by color, texture, and space found in nature, Christina Haslinger creates abstract paintings. Using a mixture of watercolor, water mediums, and acrylic mediums, she plays with light and transparency through layers and textures.   These paintings exude energy through brush strokes and splatters of paint.

Mask sculpture decorated with mixed media materials


Jeremy Wright: Shadows

September 2-October 16, 2022

Public Reception: Saturday, October 1, 2022, 2-4 pm  

In Shadows, Jeremy Wright entices you to explore the world of the kachina. You will be invited into a “Square Ground” surrounded by clay figures. Looking at the large dolls, they are more than just their physical form. Each one will be casting a shadow that paints the true spirit of the kachina.