Youth Advisory Council

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Recruiting begins Fall 2023!

The M-NCPPC Youth Advisory Council (YAC) in Prince George's County is established through the Department of Parks and Recreation. The YAC gives youth in Prince George's County meaningful leadership experiences designed to make programs more youth-driven, and promote youth engagement and higher attendance at facilities and special events.

The YAC is comprised of about 20 high school-age youth living in the County. YAC offers priceless opportunities for teens to have an active and formal leadership role and voice in the County, as well as in the Department of Parks and Recreation's administration, plans, programs, activities, policies, and decision-making process.

With the benefit of YAC's feedback, effective advocacy, advice and recommendations, the Department and County are better able to meet the specific needs of the youth in Prince George's County, which is the paramount objective of the YAC. YAC members initiate, develop and implement community service projects and special events throughout the school year, including fun, sociable, and safe teen events.

Membership Benefits

As a member of YAC, you can expect to receive many rewards and benefits, including:

  • Receiving unlimited leadership-building and training opportunities
  • Enlarging your network by serving with a countywide and diverse group of youth, as well as community members and County leaders
  • Traveling and participating in youth leadership conferences, seminars, youth retreats, and educational and cultural field trips inside and outside the County
  • Adding this prestigious accomplishment to your resume distinguishes you from other teens
  • Earning student service learning credits or community service hours
  • Gaining expertise in developing county-wide youth projects not available elsewhere


Meetings will be held in person at various community centers and will be held online via Microsoft Teams/Zoom.


To apply, send your name, resume, school information, and list of extracurricular activities to

Additional Information

Email Stephen Makle or Hejatu Bah (or call: 301-446-3416) with any additional questions.