Clay Target Shooting Games

Clay target shooting games for fun or competition are available. Our outdoor shotgun range offers various clay target shooting games for beginners and advanced shooters. Our game descriptions will help you understand the differences between these fun and exciting outdoor games.

Private or group instruction is available
with an emphasis on safety.

We offer the most popular games and can accommodate large groups:
  • International Skeet (Olympic Skeet)
  • International Trap (Bunker, Olympic Trap)
  • Trap (8 fields)
  • Wobble Trap
  • Skeet (13 fields)
  • Sporting Clays Course (20 stations)
All services are first-come, first served, with no reservations required. All shotguns and shells are subject to inspection. Check in at the clubhouse to purchase tickets to shoot.

Types of Games

  1. Skeet
  2. Sporting Clays
  3. Trap

Game Overview

In Skeet, clay targets are thrown from two fixed and stationary machines located in "high house" (left side) and "low house" (right side) of the field. Skeet is hard, but easy to master.

Standard game aspects include:

  • 8 different stations around a semicircle
  • Angles change from station to station
  • Ever-changing angles of the target flight path
  • A round of skeet consists of 25 targets
  • Some stations include shooting doubles
  • Targets are thrown side to side

International Skeet

Prince George's County Trap and Skeet Center is one of 47 gun clubs in the U.S. that offer Olympic Games of International Skeet and International Trap (International Bunker).

International Skeet (Olympic Skeet) is a variant of skeet shooting and the specific variant used in the Olympic Games:

  • A random delay of between 0 to 3 seconds, after the shooter has called for the target
  • Series of 25 targets in a specific order
  • The shooter has a fixed position between them.
  • The shooter must hold their gun so that the buttstock is at mid-torso level until the target appears
  • Some as singles and some as doubles
  • Two throwing machines at different heights and increased speeds