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Proposed Deer Management at Oxon Hill Manor

Project Description

deer enterpriseOxon Hill Manor is under consideration for deer management in order to reduce the deer population to a more socially and ecologically accepted level.  The proposed implementation of deer management is January 2015.

M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation conducted a population survey at Oxon Hill Manor in January 2014.  Survey results estimated a deer population of 11-15 individual deer on 70 acres of park property (approximately 100-137 deer per square mile).  The recommended deer density is 20 deer per square mile.  The deer population at Oxon Hill Manor is five to seven times the recommended density level.

The deer population in this area has reached a level which is adversely impacting Prince George’s County residents—threatening public safety via deer-vehicle collisions; causing property damage to gardens, landscaping, and crops; and degrading local forests ecosystems.  Since 2011, a significantly high number of deer carcasses have been removed by Prince George’s County Animal Control from roadways near Oxon Hill Manor posing safety concerns for drivers.  Click here to see the DVC map. Note that this map only shows carcasses removed primarily from county roads and does not include carcasses that go unreported, collisions when the deer survives, or collisions when the deer dies away from a road.  The true number of deer-vehicle collisions is believed to be much higher.

A culling of the deer herd is needed to reduce deer-related conflicts.

Operation Overview

M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation is proposing to initiate a deer management program at Oxon Hill Manor.  Click here to see a map of Oxon Hill Manor.

This proposal calls for conducting Park Police-based sharpshooting at Oxon Hill Manor.  The sharpshooting program will utilize highly trained Maryland-National Capital Park Police officers to remove deer at night, when the park is closed to the public, from 5:30pm until sunrise. This will occur annually during the months of January to March until deer management is no longer needed at this site.

In conducting these operations, public safety is the top priority.

Highly trained Park Police officers will remove deer safely, discreetly, and humanely.  M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation will donate all harvested deer to local food banks so the meat may be distributed to feed those locally in need.

M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation will use on-site signage and to notify the public of deer management operations and park closures.

We Want to Hear from You

The Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation encourages public comment on a proposed deer management program to cull the deer population at Oxon Hill Manor.  

Public are accepted.  All public comments must include a full name and home address to be given consideration in the decision-making process. Click here to view submitted comments.  To submit your comment:

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