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Clay Target Shooting Games

Our outdoor shotgun range offers various clay target shooting games for beginner to advanced shooters.  View the game descriptions to get an understanding of these fun and exciting games.  Private or group instruction is available with an emphasis on safety. 


Trap shooting is EASY to learn but HARD to Master.

In Trap, clay targets are thrown by a machine located at approximately ground level and covered by a "trap house” at the center of the field. The trap machine oscillates side to side so the targets are constantly changing and should appear random and unpredictable.  A round of trap consists of 25 shots, with groups of five shots being taken from five shooting positions. There is a maximum of five people shooting per round which is called a squad. Each shooter on the squad shoots five shots from each of the five shooting positions. The shooters take turns shooting such that the first shooter will shoot one shot, then the second shooter takes their shot, etc. until all five shooters have shot 5 shots from a given shooting position. The shooters then rotate to the next shooting position and repeat the process.

The Prince George's Trap & Skeet Center has 8 trap fields.

Wobble Trap

A variant of standard trap is Wobble or Wobble Trap. The main difference is a more extreme target flight path than in standard trap shooting.  The trap oscillates up and down as well as side to side. Wobble trap is a good warm up for Sporting Clays.

The Prince George's Trap & Skeet Center has a five stand which has 5 stations to shoot from.


Skeet is HARD to learn but EASY to Master.

In Skeet, clay targets are thrown from two fixed and stationery machines located in “high house” (left side) & “low house” (right side) of the field. A round of skeet consists of 25 targets shot from 8 different stations around a semicircle.  The difficulty comes with the ever changing angles of the target flight path which changes from station to station. The shooter shoots a series of shot sequences ranging from 2 targets to 4 targets.

 The Prince George's Trap & Skeet Center has 13 skeet fields.

Sporting Clays

Challenging and fun.

Sporting Clays is a shotgun sport that incorporates target presentations that will challenge a beginner or a seasoned shooter. The shooting grounds are laid out in a ‘course’ of stations or stands. Each station or stand will have a set of target machines that throws out clay targets (aka clay pigeons) at various angles and speeds.  These variations change the course to keep it challenging from round to round.  At each station, clay pigeons are thrown in singles and pairs, five or more per station.  The number of targets thrown at each station is up to each shooter or squad. The size of a course may change with a normal round consisting of 5-10 stations and 50 targets.

The Prince George's Trap & Skeet Center has a sporting clays course that consisits of 22 stations that wind through the surrounding woods.