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Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center Training

Dedicated to training individuals on the technique of boxing. 

Youth Boxing

For ages 8-18. The main focus is to release tension, burn off excess energy, gain discipline, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Youth will learn the proper stances, movements and punching techniques; in addition to, properly using equipment such as heavy bags, speed bags, double end bags and focus mitts will help develop speed, strength and agility. 


For ages 18 & up. Rigorous training consisting of proper punching techniques, defensive movements and footwork using heavy bags and focus mitts. The training is designed to provide a pro boxing experience that will optimize the individual’s speed, strength, agility and overall boxing skills.

Boxing Conditioning

For ages 18 & up. Unique and challenging 90-minute workout that follows the same rigorous training as the boxer’s regimen. The routine consists of 60 minutes devoted to grueling core strengthening and conditioning drills followed by 30 minutes of intense heavy bag rounds.