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Planning Assistance to Municipalities & Communities (PAMC) Application Form

  1. Applicants should be willing to report on follow-up implementation efforts for up to three years after the recommendations have been transmitted.

    Municipalities and community groups that wish to submit requests, may fill out the application form below. We will review your application and contact you as soon as possible.

  2. What is the overall mission of this organization?

  3. Please list the organization’s prior experience working within the community.

  4. Describe the project.

  5. What are the impact area boundaries? Attach a location map if needed.

  6. How will this project benefit the community? Please be specific.

  7. List milestones that will be achieved during the project.

  8. Following project completion, what will be the next steps and how will they be implemented? Please identify any partners that will assist your organization.

  9. To what extent is your organization able to contribute, financially or in-kind, toward the completion of this project?

  10. Please upload any additional information

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