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Black History

Celebrate Black History Month

Celebrate and honor African American heritage during Black History Month this February with the M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation. From performances to history lessons to tours, there are plenty of exciting events and activities planned throughout Prince George’s County. Take a look at our Cultural Events and Community Events Calendar to find activities that suit you and your family or flip through our new online publications of the annual brochure and exhibit catalogue.

Celebrating Civil Rights Milestones:
From Emancipation to Administration in Prince George’s County, 1864 – 1994

bhm exhibit

Prince George’s County, Maryland has been home to African-Americans since the County’s founding in 1696. By 1770, the County’s prime industry was tobacco farming, and the County’s black population (made up of slave labor) was more than half of the total population and remained so until the 1850s. After that period, the black population declined, and by 1950, was approximately 10%. 
During the 1960s the County saw the passage of Civil Rights laws, which promised new opportunities for African-Americans.  By 1990 the County became majority black for the first time since the end of slavery. Four years later in 1994, Wayne Curry received the majority vote and became the County’s first African-American County Executive. 
From the Emancipation Proclamation, Maryland’s Constitution, Brown v. the Board of Education to the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s, African-Americans received their opportunities by fighting for them, sometimes as partners, but often as adversaries of courts and legislatures. Prince George’s County's transition from a majority slave county to its current standing as national model of African-American middle class leadership is an American success story.

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