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Community and Partnerships

Community Corner

Listening to residents and working with Prince George's County's increasingly diverse communities is important to M-NCPPC. We know that communities know best what communities need... and that having a conversation with everyone at the table is important. In addition, we want to keep everyone informed about park projects and recreation programs and services for all ages. To do this, the Department of Parks and Recreation communicates on a regular basis with thousands of county residents, civic and homeowners association leaders, recreation councils, advisory boards, professional associations, sports groups, arts proponents, history buffs, business owners, and elected officials--as well as individuals and families.  We take pride in knowing the people who live and work near our parks and facilities, and we want you to join the conversation.

We have regional managers who know their communities and work with staff to reflect local wishes in community center programming. We have park planners who work at the local level to make sure a community's needs are being met with new or renovated parks and facilities.  We also have community relations staff in our Public Affairs and Marketing Division—please contact us at if you have a question or a good idea, or want to get more involved in your community.

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Looking to bring a new service or grow an existing program in your area? Reaching out to a specific audience? Meeting a critical community need? If your work is: 1) in the areas of health, wellness, youth development, active seniors, conservation or outdoor education and  2) curriculum-based or substantiated by a research and evaluation process with clearly defined measurable outcomes, a partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation may help us achieve our goals together.

A partnership is a cooperative working relationship between your organization and the Department of Parks and Recreation in which all involved agree to share responsibility for achieving a specific goal. An effective partnership is characterized by clear, widely understood goals and expectations and helps all partners to gain new resources and serve the larger community. It is a sustained "win-win" relationship. For more information about partnership opportunities, please read the information below and contact

Criteria for partnerships

Building a relationship is fundamental to the success of a partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation. A relationship which clearly identifies tasks, roles, responsibilities, and work plans will help us reach the mutually agreed on outcomes. In order to be considered, potential partnerships must include programs and/or projects that
  • support M-NCPPC Parks and Recreation’s mission;
  • supports the Parks and Recreation Department’s goals in the areas of  health, wellness, youth development, active seniors, conservation and outdoor education;
  • add value to Parks and Recreation programming, increases services to residents, or brings additional resources to the Department;
  • focus on the greatest needs in your community; and
  • are research-based with clearly defined, measurable outcomes.

Proposal for Partnership

Get the conversation started by submitting your Proposal for Partnership. Completely answer all questions (do not write “see website”), highlighting how a partnership with your organization helps the Department of Parks and Recreation achieve its goals. This proposal provides the information needed to help us decide if pursuing a partnership is the most effective way for both of our organizations to achieve our goals. You will be asked to:
  • Describe your programs, services and the outcomes for participants and the community.
  • Describe the specific tools and /or measures used to evaluation the impact of your programs and services.
  • Summarize your current resources including staff, volunteers, facilities, budget, grants, and donations.
  • How does a partnership between your organization and the Department of Parks and Recreation help bring a new service, expand an existing program, reach a specific audience or meet a critical community need?
  • Based on our organization's mission, goals, and stated outcomes, describe what your organization can gain from a partnership with the Department.
  • Focusing on our Department's goals in the areas of health, wellness, youth development, active seniors, conservation and outdoor education, detail what your organization can offer the Department through a partnership.