Project Management Oversight Team

  • Teresa D. Daniell, Interim General Manager, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
  • Haitham A. Hijazi, Director, Department of Public Works and Transportation
  • Paul Meyer, Director of Environmental Health, Prince George's County Health Department
  • Charles Wilson, Director, Department of Environmental Resources
  • Fern Piret, Director, Prince George's Planning Department, The Maryland-National Capital Park And Planning Commission
  • John Funk, Former Chief, Countywide Planning Division
  • Ivy Lewis, Chief, Community Planning South Division
  • Katrina Shoular, Supervisor, Environmental Planning

Project Management Team / Project Sponsors

  • John Funk, Former Chief, Countywide Planning Division
  • CJ Lammers, Master Planner, Environmental Planning, Countywide Planning

Project Facilitator

  • Maria Martin, Master Planner, Special Projects/Research Section, Countywide Planning Division

Project Manager

  • Karen Buxbaum, Former Planner Coordinator, Community Planning Division