Recently Completed Plans

  1. Approved Landover Gateway Sector Plan & SMA

    View documents related to the Approved Landover Gateway Sector Plan.

  2. Approved Marlboro Pike Sector Plan & Sectional Map

    The Marlboro Pike Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) will amend a portion of the 1985 Approved Master Plan and Adopted Sectional Map Amendment for Suitland-District Heights and Vicinity, Planning Areas 75A and 75B.

  3. Bowie State MARC Station Sector Plan & Sectional

    The purpose of the plan is to achieve compact mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly and environmentally sensitive transit-oriented development (TOD) around the Bowie State MARC station.

  4. Branch Avenue Corridor Sector Plan & Sectional Map

    The Approved Branch Avenue Corridor Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment comprises text, maps, illustrations, and pictures.

  5. Brandywine Revitalization & Preservation Study

    This study concerns revitalization of an older community in southern Prince George's County, located between rapidly developing areas adjacent to MD 5/US 301, and the county's designated Rural Tier.

  6. Capitol Heights Metro Transit District Development

    This document contains text and maps of the approved transit district development plan (TDDP) and transit district overlay zoning map amendment for the Capitol Heights Metro Station and vicinity.

  7. Central Annapolis Road Sector Plan & Sectional Map

    The District Council approved the Adopted Central Annapolis Road Sector Plan and Endorsed Sectional Map Amendment on October 5, 2010.

  8. Central Avenue Corridor Planning Project

    The study hopes to provide the information necessary to ensure that development near the Metro stations capitalizes on their proximity and to create an attractive pedestrian- and transit-oriented place. The study also suggests strategies to ensure adequate public facilities as the area grows.

  9. Central Branch Avenue Corridor Revitalization

    The plan examines opportunities for redevelopment, transportation improvements, and strategic public investments that promote economic development and better connectivity within the plan area.

  10. Central US 1 Corridor Sector Plan & Sectional Map

    The goal of the plan is to implement development that is compact, mixed-use, pedestrian- and transit-friendly along the identified corridor transportation nodes.

  11. City of Mount Rainier Mixed-Use Town Center Zone

    The goal of the plan is to promote reinvestment and redevelopment of the older established commercial areas within the City of Mount Rainier.

  12. Eastover / Forest Heights / Glassmanor Sector Plan

    The Eastover/Forest Heights/Glassmanor Sector Plan goals are to develop a community supported vision, recommend the ideal mix of land use supported by adequate transportation facilities, propose economic incentive and funding strategies, leverage regional development activities, and provide design guidance for the public realm.

  13. Glenn Dale, Seabrook, Lanham & Vicinity

    The sector plan contains policies, objectives, and recommendations to guide future growth and development within the planning area. The plan envisions a walkable, safe and attractive neighborhood with a mixed-use transit-oriented community center, and ample green space, including trails and public parks.

  14. Greenbelt Metro Area & MD 193 Corridor Sector Plan

    The sector plan envisions the development of the Greenbelt Metro Metropolitan Centers as an interconnected, vibrant, and mixed-use area with a commitment to sustainability and the natural environment. The plan emphasizes the importance of housing and neighborhood preservation, as well as the importance of having a multi-modal transportation network.

  15. Landover Metro Area & MD 202 Corridor Sector Plan

    The main purpose of the Landover Metro Area and MD 202 Corridor Sector Plan is to define short- and long-range transportation, pedestrian safety, and streetscape improvements that will provide continuity and enhancements within the corridor for all users.

  16. Largo Town Center Sector Plan & SMA

    The Largo Town Center Station is bordered on the north by The Boulevard at the Capital Centre and to the east and south by large vacant tracts of land zoned for mixed-use commercial and residential development.

  17. Melwood-Old Marlboro Pike Commercial Area Revitali

    The Melwood-Old Marlboro Pike Revitalization Study builds off of the 2009 Approved Subregion 6 Master Plan and Sectional Map Amendment. The Planning Board and County Council requested that special attention be focused on the Melwood-Old Marlboro Pike commercial and industrial area to improve and strengthen as a service hub.

  18. New Carrollton Transit District Development Plan

    The transit district development plan (TDDP)/transit district overlay zone (TDOZ) guides land use and development of all properties at or near the New Carrollton Metro station consistent with transit-oriented development (TOD) principles.

  19. Plan Prince George's 2035

    Plan Prince George’s 2035 is an update of the 2002 Prince George’s County Approved General Plan, and when approved will replace the 2002 plan. Plan Prince George’s 2035 will assess existing conditions and trends to develop a “blueprint” to help the community achieve its long-term vision by guiding future growth, development, and public investments.

  20. Purple Line Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

    The Purple Line is a proposed 16-mile light-rail line extending from New Carrollton in Prince George's County to Bethesda in Montgomery County.

  21. Rural Villages Study & Scenic Byway Corridor

    The purpose of the Rural Villages Study and the Croom and Aquasco Roads Scenic Byway Plan, formally known as the Prince George's County Star-Spangled Banner Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan is to preserve and enhance rural communities in southeastern Prince George’s County. The study identifies implementing partnerships, funding strategies, and regulatory changes necessary to meet policy goals developed through issue analysis and community involvement.

  22. Southern Green Line Station Area Plan

    The plan aims to increase the county’s share of regional job growth; address income, jobs, and transportation inequities; increase quality, affordable housing through mixed-income projects; enhance connectivity to and between Metro stations; increase transportation options and utilization of the Metrorail Green Line for reverse commute trips; and stabilize and preserve nearby communities.

  23. St. Barnabas-Beech Road Industrial Study

    This study examined the industrial land uses south of the St.Barnabas commercial corridor between Beech and Temple Hill Roads for impacts on existing and potential new commercial and residential uses surrounding the area, as well as development and redevelopment within the industrial area itself.

  24. Subregion 1 Master Plan & Sectional Map Amendment

    The goals of the master plan are to enhance the quality and character of the community, encourage quality economic development, preserve and protect environmentally sensitive and scenic land, and make efficient use of existing and proposed county infrastructure and investment for the Subregion I area.

  25. Subregion 4 Master Plan & Sectional Map Amendment

    The plan aims to build a cohesive vision for the established communities in the planning area and to balance future growth and development in the region while formalizing county policies as they relate to transportation, the environment, public facilities, economic development, housing, revitalization, urban design, and historic preservation.

  26. Subregion 5 Master Plan & Sectional Map Amendment

    This plan develops strategies to: enhance the quality and character of existing communities, protect environmentally sensitive areas, make efficient use of existing and proposed infrastructure and investments, promote a multimodal transportation network.

  27. Subregion 6 Master Plan & Sectional Map Amendment

    This plan aims to address the issues affecting land use, transportation systems, housing and community character, environmental infrastructure, public facilities, and historic preservation.

  28. Water Resources Master Plan

    The Prince George’s County has been directed by the State of Maryland via HB 1141 to develop a Water Resources Element as part of the County General Plan. In order to achieve the intent of the state’s directive, the Prince George’s Planning Department will produce a Water Resources Functional Master Plan.

  29. West Hyattsville Approved Transit District

    This document contains text and maps of the Approved Transit District Development Plan and Transit District Overlay Zoning Map Amendment for the West Hyattsville Transit District Overlay Zone.