Minor Amendment To 2006 Approved East Glenn Dale Sector Plan 

Project Summary

On November 14, 2017, the District Council adopted Council Resolution 
CR-99-2017, initiating a minor amendment to the 2006 Approved Sector Plan for East Glenn Dale Area. It proposes to repeal certain obsolete land use and policies for the physical development of a portion of the comprehensive plan area known as ‘The Area Between Prospect Hill Road and Daisy Lane’. 

Public Hearing

Joint Public Hearing on the Proposed Minor Amendment (CR-99-2017) to the 2006 Approved Sector Plan for the East Glenn Dale Area was held on February 6, 2018. Over 50 people attended to hear staff's presentation and view the exhibits of which 7 stakeholders provided testimony to the District Council and Planning Board. 

Planning Board Transmittal of Adopted Amendments

The Planning Board transmitted four Adopted Amendments to the District Council on March 8, 2018. The staff memorandum can be found here.

District Council Transcript Analysis

On March 20, 2018, the District Council will review the Transcript Analysis from the public hearing and the Planning Board’s Adopted Amendments in the Council Hearing Room. The agenda can be found here.

Minor Amendment to 2006 Approved Sector Plan for East Glenn Dale Area Map

Minor Amendment To Approved East Glenn Dale Sector Plan