Training Tips

  1. For Managers
  2. For Employees

Training & Development Tips for Managers

Familiarize Yourself with Learning Opportunities
Become knowledgeable about learning opportunities offered by the department on Parks and Recreation University. Learn what training opportunities are available from other sources outside of the Commission that support your employees' specific trade or profession.

Publicize Training/Education Activities
Ensure that employees have access to information about training activities. Do this via bulletin boards, staff meetings, and circulation of monthly email communications. Parks and Recreation University offers registration for training and access to the training calendar.

Support Job-Specific Training
Job-related training equips your employees to lead better and more productive work lives. Provide time for employees to take classes, cover any fees possible from the departmental budget, and provide adequate release from immediate duties to promote learning. For more information, review the Job Assignments section of Parks and Recreation University.

Encourage and Promote Training/Education for Career Growth
Even if opportunities are not directly duty-related but support a career growth plan for the employee, support the activity as much as possible. Investigate compromises including use of paid and personal time for activities.

Foster a Learning Environment & Attitude
Expect employees to learn and develop skills, and have a positive attitude towards career improvement and growth. Make learning an essential part of the culture in your work area.