Member Services

The ERS is an investment in your future. Planning for your retirement is a long-term endeavor that should begin early in your work career. The Member Services section provides information on what services and resources you have available to help you plan effectively.

Whether you are a New Member, Active Member, Getting Ready to Retire, or Benefit Recipient you will find information that will help you understand the benefits provided by the ERS and answer many of your questions.

Member Forms

Forms are provided in each section for easy access. There is also a dedicated page for all Forms that are available electronically. Be sure to visit that page for instructions on submitting your form to the ERS.

ERS LifeTimes Newsletter

Once a month, the ERS LifeTimes is included in the Commission's Update employee's newsletter. It is the ERS' means for communicating important information to all members.

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Retirement education programs are offered to all members and their significant others. The focus of an individual program may change; however, the general topics include: ERS benefits, Social Security, Medicare, retirement planning, legal protections, and more. Our pre-retirement workshops include "FOCUS on Retirement" for new employees; On-site Workshops; and, Full-day Workshops. To help ensure our retired members continue to enjoy a secure retirement, the ERS provides many opportunities to enhance their knowledge about the ERS' benefits, pensions, and retirement planning.

Plan Document and Summary Plan Description

You can review the full Plan Document (PDF) or the Summary of Plan Description for your respective plan, which should answer any question(s) you may have on contributing to the ERS, becoming vested, purchasing service, qualifying for retirement and more.