Office of the Division Chief

The Office of the Division Chief is directly responsible for Executive Services, Fiscal Affairs, Internal Affairs Services and Human Resources.

Executive Services

Executive Services provides administrative support and serves as the division's liaison to the
M-NCPPC, outside agencies and the community, under the direction of the Executive Officer. The Executive Officer/Lieutenant is the Accreditation Manager for the division and also serves as the division's Public Information Officer, handling media relations and news releases. The Community Services Unit, also under the management of the Executive Lieutenant, conducts and organizes the Park Police Community Volunteer Academy and the Park Police Volunteer Association.

Fiscal Affairs

Fiscal Affairs operates under the direction of the Fiscal Affairs Administrative Specialist, and is responsible for overseeing proper budget procedures, purchasing, and the disbursement of funds.

Internal Affairs

Matters pertinent to Internal Affairs are administrated in the Office of the Division Chief under the direction of the Internal Affairs Manager/Lieutenant. Responsibilities in this section include performing investigations of alleged misconduct by our sworn personnel and completing quarterly audits and inspections within the division. Additionally, all applicant background investigations and recruiting tasks are responsibilities of staff in the Internal Affairs Unit. The unit is staffed with a lieutenant, sergeant, recruitment officers, and an administrative assistant.

Human Resources

Under the supervision of an Administrative Specialist, the Human Resources Section provides oversight for all personnel and employee benefit matters in the Park Police Division. Personnel records are maintained and kept confidential here. The Human Resources Administrative Specialist handles the Chief's appointments, correspondence, and special projects, and also manages the office.